What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only truly permanent hair removal system available on the market. It is FDA approved and has been evolving and advancing technologically since its conception over a century ago.

A certified electrologist uses a machine that has a tiny probe attached to it the size of a human hair. They slide the probe into your follicle where hair is growing. When the probe reaches the root of the hair, where the matrix cells generate hair growth and the capillaries feed them, it zaps them with electricity. This destroys the matrix cells, cauterizing the capillaries, and thus preventing future growth.

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All kinds of people, no matter their gender, desire permanent hair removal. They all have hair they might find uncomfortable, bothersome, or simply undesirable. I have spent years as a community organizer and activist working towards creating a world of body positivity and self love. I worked hard to make the world a safer place for trans people. One thing my community needed was permanent hair removal. It is a vital service for trans people. Being able to, for example, permanently remove beard hair on trans women helps alleviate gender dysphoria, improves self esteem, and helps them live a safer life out in the rest of society.

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